Sita and the Cow, Acrylic on Canvas, 40x36, 2022

Sid Katragadda

Sid Katragadda is a San-Diego/Bangalore based painter. As an Indian-American who spent the first half of his life in India and the latter in America, his art has influences from both countries. He believes that an artist's primary objective should be to capture a culture – and that a culture can be best understood through its women.  He hopes  to develop his own unique styles that move  art in new directions. His experiments are seen in all his series, which have been  exhibited and collected worldwide. 

"My art touches on five virtues: Unique, Innovative, Vibrant, Meaningful and Social impact. I constantly strive to make unique and recognizable art - in subject, style, technique and paradigm.  I  place a high value on innovation. As Picasso said, every painting/series should move art new directions... never repeat yourself or others. My art is also very vibrant, and I don't shy away from primary colors. I also aim to make meaningful art that has social impact. A hundred years from now, I want my paintings to be a time capsule for social change, and not just be wall decor."

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