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Sid Katragadda is a San Diego based Writer, Playwright, Filmmaker, Artist, Photographer.

Writing (Plays. Novels, Poetry):

Sid Katragadda is an award winning poet, screenwriter and filmmaker, and emerging playwright. His books, Dark Rooms and The Other Wife won the San Diego Book Prize in 2002,2003. He is also the author of a trilogy of full length plays, that are awaiting production. His writing has been published in CNN, Grey Sparrow Press, New Plains Review and various literary journals.


Sid has been painting since he was ten, taking a hiatus only when he came  America for his Masters degree. He soon found that  numbers and logic never enamored him the way color and form did, and so, after a decade, he decided to return to his passion. He started painting again!  Having lived the first half of his life in India and the second in America, his work is a fine blend of the east and  west.He believes that an artist's primary objective should be to capture a culture – and that a culture, or ethnicity, can be best understood through its women.  His portraits are as abstract as they are figurative. He tends to abstract away from facial features, and lays more emphasis on the way a culture has sculpted the woman as a whole, especially the colors, which are depicted in brightest of colors. Somewhere along the way, he was drawn to Photography, too. He does not consciously separate the two art forms, and thinks they feed off each other. The same vibrant colors you see in his paintings can be found in his landscapes. He has held various painting exhibitions in India and in America. His art is collected worldwide.


Sid is an award-winning filmmaker/screenwriter. His screenplay "Painless" (aka The Mercy Machine) was a Quarterfinalist at the PAGE International Screenwriting Awards, 2016, the Screencraft Drama Contest 2017, the WeScreenplay Screenplay Awards  - and Semi-finalist at the Southern California Screenplay Contest. His short film "Varanasi" won the Best Foreign Film Award at the Atlantic City CineFest, New Jersey, 2013. His short documentary, "The Indus Code" was shortlisted for the 6th International Documentary and Short Film Festival, Kerala. He is currently working on a Documentary Short Subject, to be release in 2020.

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