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Sid Katragadda is a San-Diego based self-taught artist who has a love for vibrant colors,  the feminine form and capturing cultures.    He attributes his Indian heritage and the colors her grew up with as his biggest inspirations. Since 2008, he has sold over a 100 paintings worldwide. His paintings have been  exhibited and collected worldwide.  As an artist, he believes that an artist's primary objective should be to capture a culture – and that a culture can be best understood through its women. He aims to develop his own styles of painting that progress art in new directions. His experiments are seen in all his paintings. 

"In this series, I explore women who are close to my heart,  Indian women. Whether it is the ordinary street woman— a fisherwoman, a flower seller, a tomato seller,  a mother - or royal queens   - I paint women from all walks and castes of life.  I paint colorful and elaborately dressed, voluptuous, dark Indian women - paying equal attention to their omnipresent bindis and resplendent ornaments as I do  their vibrant draped saris and brilliant blouses.

India is at a crossroads in time, where old paradigms are giving way to western identity, and this series is my attempt at preserving these women, and their aura  - before it's lost forever. These paintings are almost a permanent burial, a samadhi, of these women, on their journeys to nirvana."

Note: If an Original Painting is SOLD, feel free to order  a Gallery Canvas/Paper Print (Wall Art).

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