About the Series "I CAN'T BREATHE"

"A Series that will change you... and the world" 

If you want to collect a piece of history, this is the collection for you.

In this new series of 15 paintings named “I Can’t Breathe,”  Katragadda uses vivid visual metaphors, color schemes and analogies  to paint heart-wrenching stories such as:  George Floyd calling to his mother while dying, mothers begging for abortions after the new abortion laws, the tragedy of the Ukraine War, and the US Border Crisis with  infants  separated from their  parents .

He also touches of some older historical tragedies such as the Trail of Tears (the displacement of Native Americans from their lands), the Rape of Nanking (the most brutal of massacres in human history) and Columbine (touching on the issue of gun violence and school massacres in America). There is also a painting that reenacts the execution of an Indian rapist by his victims.

In short, the series exposes, and sears into our memory, humanitarian issues that hound us  at the turn of the millennium, issues that have shaped our recent history— issues such as abortion, rape, equality, immigration, race, politics, climate change and so on— each told though a visual story.

Katragadda's hope is that his  paintings serve as a time capsule for future generations, capturing the society that we live in, for posterity.

About the Style:

Holeism is a new art style founded by Katragadda  hallmarked by his use of holes, cavities and conduits through which one subject trespasses the other, making them permeable. 


Your thoughtful, singular approach to such important subjects of social change and humanitarian issues is very appealing. Your work is excellent and absolutely should be seen.

---  the Director of Exhibitions and Collections at the Oceanside Museum of Art 

Holeism- Western Artist Media Kit - 2


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