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As Moderat Fonte once said, men, though they know full well how much women are worth and how great the benefits we bring them, nonetheless seek to destroy us out of envy for our merits. It's just like the crow, when it produces white nestlings: it is so stricken by envy, knowing how black it is itself, that it kills its own offspring out of pique.” This series of paintings by Sid Katragadda is a quest to find that inner beauty that women possess, which has been hidden behind veils for centuries.

Sid Katragadda is a San-Diego based visual artist who has a special love for vibrant colors,  the feminine form and capturing cultures.  He attributes his Indian heritage, and the colors he grew up with, as his biggest inspirations. Since 2008, he has sold over a 100 paintings worldwide. His paintings have been  exhibited and collected worldwide.  As an artist, he believes that an artist's primary objective should be to capture a culture – and that a culture can be best understood through its women.  He aims to develop his own styles of painting that progress art in new directions. His experiments are seen in all his paintings.    

Medium: Acrylic on Canas

Availability: SOLD {will be updated as new paintings become available}

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